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The first and second options allow one to limit the master list by language or individual lists. The latter option is not necessary because each list already has its own page, but as the search function improves will allow the user to make a new version of the master list via the exclusion of certain lists. All four of the search options return a separate result for each list that includes a title. For example, a search for "invisible man" returns 12 different results for the Ralph Ellison novel, one for which list it is included in; the language is also noted for each result. Another area of improvement as we enhance the search function will be the construction and appearance of the results to avoid such redundant information. In the short term, two problems with the apparatus are more in need of immediate fixing: first, alternate titles also cause multiple results; second, special characters are not accounted for in the code, so they are not displaying correctly. These will be fixed soon.

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