Excluded Lists

The lists that have been reviewed—and excluded—from Greater Books based on the criteria detailed on the Guidelines page are as follows.

Some of the more popular of book lists obviously are limited by genre, language, or date, or more rarely nation or ethnic/ racial background.

A particular kind of list, excluded for now, comes from books about the manufacture, design, and illustration of books. These in rare cases have listed what their authors consider to be the finest editions. For example, Great Books in Great Editions [1954], by Roland Baughman and Robert D. Schad. Its introduction promises "twenty-eight works in the Huntington Library, chosen not alone because they represent textual content of prime importance, but also because their printers gave them monumental form in keeping with their significance as human contributions."

A recent book of this ilk is Remarkable Books: A Celebration of the World's Most Beautiful and Artistic Works [2017], by Michael Collins. The promotional blurb calls it "a beautifully illustrated guide to more than 75 of the world's most celebrated, rare, and seminal books and handwritten manuscripts [...] chronologically ordered to demonstrate the synergies between the growth in human knowledge and the bookmaking process."

In summary, not counting the publishing houses' "classics" a total of 32 books/ projects have been studied and, at least for now, excluded from the Master List.